I’m Kate, a food blogger, business owner and marketer.

With over 10 years experience in marketing, including the food and drink sector, and leisure and tourism, I help brands connect to new, engaged audiences. I do this through content creation, collaborations, recipe development, and events; there are lots of opportunities of how we can work together.

What is VineLine Marketing?

The idea started out as a Marketing Consultancy business for start-ups, the idea came from all the amazing small businesses I met through my blog, Cooking and Carafes. However, over the past few years I decided my real passion lies with food and drink, and as my blog has established, Cooking and Carafes has became my real focus. I now work with brands I’m passionate about, to help share their messages to my audience. Whether it’s through developing new recipes, supporting with content creation, or through my own blog posts, and social media sharing.

Why the name? VineLine was always supposed to be a continuation of Cooking and Carafes, not only does it connect in terms of topic matter i.e. wine (!) it also represents something I love; helping businesses to grow, and flourish.