The beginning

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We mean business!  

You’ve all seen who I am and read a little bit about me, but why did I choose to start VineLine Marketing? The truth is there’s lots of reasons but if you’re reading this hopefully you’re a start-up or small business too and this will inspire you!

The power of social

Although I work in marketing I always thought the networking power of Twitter was a bit of a myth... until I launched my blog Cooking and Carafes nearly two years ago.

Through networking hours like #HertsHour I have connected with, and met, so many brilliant people who offer their own unique services through their start-up businesses.

Via my blog I learnt that many of these individuals run businesses that offer great services or products and that they want to market them, but they don’t want to spend money on marketing services; not because they don’t believe in it, or don’t want to invest in marketing, but as a new business money is often needed to be spent elsewhere.

I realised that these businesses would benefit from marketing guidance and support but at an affordable rate; where it wasn’t someone just telling they could do but someone who could help them to implement the advice and follow up to see the impact.

Love what you do

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life… or so the saying goes! I love meeting and working with people who are promoting something they really believe in. In every job I’ve had I’ve always sworn to not market something I’m not interested in and I stand by this. The difference with small businesses and start-ups is the smallest things really can make all the difference on your journey to success. I want to be part of that journey with you.

The basics

Over the years I’ve learnt everyone is an ‘expert’ in marketing, or thinks they are. The truth is the more accessible platforms are becoming the easier it is for people to promote their businesses. It’s worth remembering that although you can promote the services you offer, it doesn’t mean that’s the best way for your business, or that it’s going to drive the best results.

The idea behind VineLine Marketing is that I want to help you master the basics of marketing - from where to focus your efforts, to measuring the results and working out what works for you and your business.


Like many small business owners and start-ups I want to break away from the 9 - 5 and focus my efforts on my own ventures. This is something I really believe in and am excited for the opportunities my business could bring.

Who do I want to work with?

The truth is if you have an exciting new or small business that you’re passionate about then I probably want to work with you - that drive and ambition is infectious. My marketing experience spans a number of roles and sectors, from education to leisure, and my favourite topic (as if you hadn’t guessed it!) is food and drink, and I used to market the wine tasting experience, Vinopolis.

If you'd like to find out more about how we could work together email me: