Inspirational women #IWD2018

As it’s Inspirational Women’s Day this week I wanted to share this post about women I admire and who inspire me.

I don’t feel the need to target my business specifically at women, nor is it intended to be - I want to work with anyone with goals and dreams, whether it’s starting your own business and learning to market what you do, or taking your business to the next level.

Over the recent months and years I have met more and more inspiring people, but in particular women. I know the women’s movement is very ‘of the moment’, across a number of avenues, but it has resonated with me more recently. Maybe it’s age or experience, but whatever it is, it’s motivated me to drive VineLine Marketing forward and my other side hustle, Cooking and Carafes even further.

Many of the women I follow on social media are mums doing their own thing, trying to manage bringing up their children, running their own business or blog, and living a fulfilled life. Others are 20 somethings creating their own destiny, working hard to reach their goals and if I’m honest some of them are absolutely smashing it - I wish I’d had the foresight to create something for myself 10 years ago! Then you have the 30 somethings like me, fed up of the 9-5, office politics and the daily grind…who decide, there’s more than this right? Right? Oh f**k it, I’ll give it a go, what have I got to lose?

Whoever they are, there are women that inspire me everyday, from famous faces to people you will never have heard of. Why? Because they take life with two hands, and go out and make it their own - they won’t let anyone stifle them, or tell them they can’t do it, they’ll go out there and prove they can do it. It’s not that they want to work less, it’s that they want the work they are doing to be respected, appreciated and to ultimately provide a life they want - whether it’s flexible working, following a passion, creating something that is theirs and the person driving them in that direction is themselves.

Here’s a little insight to the women that inspire me… who are yours?

Emily Joseph


Founder of Emmi London, Emily is one of the coolest, most driven 20 something women I know. If anyone is going to ‘slay’ (in her words), it’s her. Always wanting to learn, and loving and living life everyday (watch her InstaStories you’ll see what I mean), she doesn’t want to stand still, she doesn’t want an opportunity to pass her by. After finishing uni she started Emmi London, sourcing silk lashes and selling them online. Why? “I saw a niche in the UK market for great quality, false lashes at an affordable price. I knew what was missing and so I went for it.”

Emily wanted to start her own business so she could take control of her life and put the effort she put into other brands into her own. She created her own brand, website and packaging and she’s not stopping there, she’s got plans to branch into other products and I don’t doubt I will see Emmi London in every department store in years to come.

The brand is going from strength to strength which is mainly down to the product being great but also having equally great marketing to get it out there and into the customers hands.
— Emily Joseph

Find out more about Emmi London and see Emily's products at or follow  on Instagram @ShopEmmiLondon

Kelly Mattison


Kelly is the founder of Heart. a social enterprise that educates teenage girls about healthy emotions and relationship training and is one of many trying to help end domestic violence. Two women a week are killed in the UK by their partner or ex-partner. Kelly hopes to educate girls about healthy relationships, to give them the strength, the knowledge and the power to walk away from controlling or abusive relationships. Many of the girls Kelly works with have already experienced incidents that they shouldn’t have had to encounter.

We asked Kelly what inspired her to start Heart, “Teaching 16 year old girls about healthy relationships and hearing about their experiences of domestic abuse at such a young age I wanted to do more to support them. I also worked one to one in hospitals with women and girls with injuries from domestic violence - both of these were big motivators for me to start Heart.”

Karren Brady


An episode of The Apprentice doesn’t pass by without me saying “I love Karren!”. Firstly she has won Business Woman of the Year, is rated amongst one of 50 most inspirational people in the world and was awarded a CBE for services to women in business and entrepreneurship. Her attitude shines through in The Apprentice where she is quick to put both the male and female contestants in their place, with a no nonsense approach and also quick to highlight when the women are setting a bad example of women in business with their bitching and behaviour towards each other.

Her top 3 rules for success are:

  1. Work hard

  2. Have confidence

  3. Embrace ambition

Find out more and read the full 10 rules on her website

Sam Ferguson


A graduate from the #DigitalMums programme and a mummy of course, and now taking on the world of social media with Some Like It Social with fellow digital mums.  Sam had previously worked in the city until her son Josh was born and she decided that going back to her job wasn’t going to work - she wanted to be be based more locally and with something that she could fit around family life. Sam discovered Digital Mums through LinkedIn and and was soon on the course, she had this to say about the experience:

“The course itself was intense and thorough, I learnt loads and my creative juices started to flow as I realised the potential opportunity in all the aspects of online marketing, not just social media management. It was the unexpected learnings that have really shaped my future though. Studying together in peer groups enhanced the experience and my confidence, there’s nothing better or more motivating than teamwork if you ask me.”

I met Sam on Twitter through her love of food and she has had quite the journey since completing the course. She has now partnered with two fellow #DigitalMums, Helen Creese and Gemma Windham, to create Some Like It Social, a Digital Communications collective that aims to support businesses and help them stand out online.  

Sam has now found her answer to a better work life balance, she says “I’m a problem solver by nature so I don’t find it easy to accept things if they don’t feel right, I always look for ways to improve or change, I feel that’s part of what drives me now workwise because as well as creating solutions for clients I have created one big solution for myself and my loved ones.”

You can follow Sam on her own social @WhatsEatingHer or check out her latest venture @SomeLikeSocial

The main positive to come from all this though is that I’m achieving my objective, which is to be around for my son and have a better work life balance.
— Sam Ferguson